Myrtle Beach Golf Cheap & Affordable

Since 1986, Coastal Golfaway has helped customers find package deals in Myrtle Beach golf for cheap. Our experienced golf directors can help you find golf vacations that fit your budget. For large group golfing accommodations, as well as intimate escapes for a couple, we provide golf for less than anyone expects. We can help you find customized packages that meet your desires as well as your pocketbook.

Affordable Golf Trips

Inquire about our special rates so you can take advantage of vacation deals offering golf at a ridiculously affordable price. Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area have over one hundred different golf courses from which to choose and a wide range of resorts that fit all budgets. We have package deal specials on-going so that customers can save money with us and still enjoy all the best of golf in the area.

What We Can Do For You

While Myrtle Beach has a fairly moderate climate, the area still has slower seasons. We provide affordable rates all year long, but during these slow times you may be able to seize some exceptional rates and find golf for an affordable rate. Ask our golf directors to list the deals available during the dates you can make your trip to the region. If you are a golf lover and have never been to the Golf Capital of the World, you should book a few days or more in this golf paradise.

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The landscape is green and lush, the ocean views are spectacular, and the courses are award-winning. With so much to offer, we always have returning customers. We work independently of all resorts and golf clubs in the area so that we can focus on you and find the very best deals around. Come to South Carolina for a taste of southern charm and beautiful beaches. Try Coastal Golfaway, and see why we make clients for life!